Please see below some feedback from our previous customers. ​

Very pleased with this fast service from Victoria Garage who delivered my new car last week to my office. Beautiful car and a surprise of a bottle of champagne was a welcome treat.


I started using Victoria Garage when I moved to the area in 2004. The team at the garage have bought and sold almost all of my cars - including a Morgan 4/4 Sport, a Lotus Evora, a BMW 760 iL and Chevrolet SSR. They also service my cars and have my wife's VW in for a full valet and a service / MoT as I write this - having been collared by the garage owner's beautiful daughter! Thank you Victoria Garage!

Guy Butler

Victoria Garage is the ultimate in friendly and professional service from the well established family business. The service is always prompt, customer friendly and when they say they'll do something it's done. I have bought around 6 cars over the years and recommended to a dozen clients of mine who have all been suitably impressed with the service.

Del Davies

I approached Victoria Garage to help me deal with our fleet Management solutions. We challenged them to help solve the persistent problem of souring 'nearly new' for our company car drivers. Dealing with the individual company car drivers, negotiating with car dealers and facilitating the disposal can be almost a full time role. With the help from Victoria Garage, they took that pain away, effecting out sourcing this. Drivers would liase directly with Victoria Garage - who understood the various rules and parameters around our fleet scheme - and would then source the newest and highest spec vehicles - from the best source - maximising our return and ultimately giving the drivers what they want, choice and flexibility. More than that, Victoria Garage also commit to take the vehicle back at the end of its life - dispose of it - and return the current carrying value of the vehicle.

For reference - I have bought in excess of 70 vehicles from Chris Ball and will continue to do so.

If you are considering a more flexible, cost effective approach to fleet management - then I strongly suggest you call Chris(07885596316) and have an exploratory chat. Chris is 100% committed to delivering on his promise and provides a fantastic service - providing excellent piece of mind.

In my experience - buying 'nearly new' delivers a significant cost saving (under 20%) against new vehicles - whilst retaining the residual value. An out source fleet management like this can give the flexibility often associated with leasing - at a fraction of the cost.

Martin Tyler

Just bought two vehicles from Victoria Garage, excellent service and price! Would recommend the team at the garage to anyone, would be very happy to give a reference.

Carl Mottershead